Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Links On The Left, Part 7

All Out Fitness is a gym in Connecticut run by my friend Drew. He is also a Level 1 certified CrossFit trainer. Our goal is to someday open our own CrossFit affiliate in CT, but with the economy, my current life in DC, and Drew's constant "constitutionals" to the mountains of Vermont for what I can only assume is gay sex with a sasquatch, it's been a slow process. In the interim, Drew and I have been doing our best at our respective stations in life to become better/smarter trainers and save money. We've done pretty well at the former and probably shitty at the latter.

If you happen to be in Connecticut, either by travel or inhabitance, feel free to swing by for a workout. Drew is a knowledgable guy (mainly because he listens to me) and AOF is filled with motivated, hard-working people all trying to improve their fitness. I occasionally post little tidbits of training knowledge on there as well, since Primal management refuses to have a WOD blog.

Yeah, this post didn't have a lot of funny in it. Fuck it, I'm tired. Blame the gypsies or something, I don't care.


At 11:15 AM , Blogger Drew said...

Get stuffed...Those "constitutionals to Vermont" are so I can put my Crossfitting to good use...

At 9:22 PM , Blogger Q said...

Touche, my friend. "Learn and play new sports" is a big part. Unfortunately, the only new sports I ever try involve using my opposite hand during my "constitutionals."


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