Saturday, February 21, 2009

Links On The Left, Part 2

Continuing with my boorish summaries of the links I've provided on the left of this page, today we cover Fire Joe Morgan Dot Com, or The site was started by a bunch of friends who love baseball, baseball statistics, and dick jokes. The site pretty much revolves around them picking apart the grammar, information, and the stupidity of sports writers and analysts across the country.

Dismally, they have officially stopped posting because most of them are successful Hollywood writers. Ken Tremendous (not his real name), for instance, is one of the writers for The Office. Fun Fact: He also plays Dwight's cousin Mose! While the content available is no longer current, it's still ridiculously funny and informative. Are you a baseball fan? Do you know what OPS is? Do you know what VORP is? Do you think Wins is the best stat to measure a pitcher's success? Better yet, do you think David Eckstein is a great baseball player? Are you really that fucking stupid?

While the site doesn't officially support the firing of Joe Morgan, it really should. Because he is just terrible. In so many ways. Him and Jon Miller should just eat each other and be done with it. For those who are unaware, Joe used to answer questions in an online ESPN chatroom once a week. It was brilliantly titled "JoeChat."

Probably my all-time favorite post: As Long as I'm Here.



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