Saturday, January 31, 2009

Limited Time Offer

Big news, people! For a limited time only, I'm offering you...


Drum roll... 86x - 670 - 6800

To keep things interesting, I've deleted the last number of his area code (Hint: It's less than 1). Chris just loves getting phone calls around 3AM from drunken strangers, so this just seems like the right thing to do. So feel free to give Chris a call and discuss softball, baseball, the size and possible taste of Josh Beckett's penis, and Dave Janowski's closet Judaism. I promise good times will be had by all!


At 11:55 AM , Blogger Rich Vos said...

Hey, man! Thanks for putting up that video of my date with Fran. Training at Primal was a blast, but Potomac is much easier in the way of early morning training and getting to work on time. Keep hittin' it hard!


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