Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ten Valuable Lessons

Blogger was being a fucking cunt. At one point, I couldn't even save drafts. Ridiculous. Maybe it was my lame-ass work computer. Someone was fucking me over. WebSense, Javascript, Internet Explorer, Blogger, Mark Steven Johnson – they’re all to blame. Seriously though, check out Johnson’s track record. With the exception of the two Grumpy Old Men movies, his work is fucking trash. I might devote an entire post to destroying all of his screenplays, that hack-fuck shithead.

Regardless, I’ve been following this entire Oscar Grant BART shooting case for the past few days and I find it quite intriguing. Really, it’s quite amazing how YouTube and digital media have seemingly revolutionized the way information is conveyed and received. Here's the video...

This entire case, while absurdly tragic, has taught me ten very important things:

1) Black people are still great police-brutality-videographers.

2) BART transit police officers probably watch too much of The Shield.
3) Don't ever get shot.

4) I should ride the DC Metro more.

5) If you can’t be safe riding an electrified rail-car train in an extremely dangerous city, where can you be safe?

6) I should ride the DC Metro less.

7) For a brief moment, Officer Johannes Mehserle probably thought he was Jack Bauer.

8) Now, I definitely never want to visit Oakland. Originally, it was because I’m racist, but now it’s because I don’t want a police officer to shoot me in the back while I’m laying face down on a train platform. That would just ruin my vacation.

9) Rioting is always a viable outlet for one’s rage and never makes a difference.

10) It’s unbelievable, but still, even after all these years and all of the countless problems, white cops still love shooting black people.

Now... what did you learn from all of this?

Nothing? Thought so.


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