Saturday, December 05, 2009

For Fuck's Sake...

Sorry, I just have to get this out real quick. This whole global warming theory being shattered is hilarious. I bet Ed Begley Jr. feels like a real asshole right about now. Al Gore is fleeing the country with his Oscar in hand. And now Prius owners can only be pretentious about how awesome their gas mileage is. Nevertheless, despite how totally fucking rad this whole thing is, it finds a way to piss me off. For some reason, the word "gate" has turned into a fucking suffix for any scandal the media gets their hands on. I'd go on, but the brilliant minds at FireJoeMorgan had a better excerpt for it...

For the record, you can't just add "Gate" to something to indicate "scandal." The hotel, as we all know, was the Watergate. It wasn't like there was a like Nixonian/"Chinatown" water scandal, and someone said, "Hey -- 'gate' is the LME root for 'cover-up.' Let's call it Water-gate."

Is the Tiger Woods story being called "Tiger-Gate"? Did they add "gate" to the Bernie Madoff thing? The ACORN thing? Or the thing where that woman's dad banged her? I bet they wanted to.

Oh, here we go. Thanks, Wikipedia! Christ, they're doing it in the UK now, too. Bollocks.

First SpyGate, now Climate-Gate, and seriously, look how fucking long that list is. Are journalists just lazy nowadays or do they really think the word "gate" is synonymous with foulplay? I mean, to become a journalist you probably have to have at least a minor comprehension of the English language, right? Jess, am I wrong on this?


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