Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Age of In-No-Sense

I think I wrote this in high school at some point...

Simply put, it works like this: some think every girl is a harlot at heart—this is fiction. There are girls out there who can melt you with a smile, a word, a wink, or wave. Sadly, they come along few and far between leaving us in search of moments to share with them. But in terms of reality, we’re all human. The satisfaction of our innate sexual desires is crucial to survival. Chronic masturbation is unhealthy. You’ll associate a Toys R Us® catalogue with rim-jobs if you pleasure yourself too often. At our age, we have just enough innocence left to plow unsuspecting dames without the pesky constraints of the date rape legal arena. Our age, immaturity, and - most importantly - stupidity provide us the safety blanket of anonymous sexual encounters with little worry of jail time for either party.


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