Saturday, July 05, 2008

Moving On...

Alright, everything below this post was written some time ago, when I was less bitter, jaded, and hateful towards the world. So now that I'm working full-time, paying bills, commuting like a bastard, and generally hating most aspects of my life, the material should take a dramatic turn upwards. A few things I should mention...

This blog was shut down because I was in the midst of a federal background investigation. Sure, most of the things I had written were harmless, but I didn't think the government needed to know how upset I was about a non-rewarding shit I once took. It has now been reopened because I passed my background check and am now employed by the federal government. In fact, I'm actually typing this from my office right now. So, in a way, your tax dollars are actually paying for this blog.

You. Just. Paid. For. This. Sentence.

Bear with us as there are still some modifications and adjustments to be made during this rebuilding process. Even now, I can't decide if posts should be centered or right-line justified. The decision is seriously killing me inside.

Check back when you have time and tell all your friends because there are plans to post a lot of new stuff, including a multi-part series entitled, "The Time Travel Chronicles." Until then, [British accent] jog on!


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