Sunday, February 22, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 1

Yeah, I'm original.

So my best friend from Connecticut is named Steve. He works for a scrap metal company or something. He's also the author of Future Pope, another link on the left I have yet to cover. Anyways, back in the day he and I had some interesting conversations via AOL Instant Messenger (AIM). Unfortunately, due to the advent of new technologies such as Gmail, text messaging, Morse code, smoke signals, and carrier pigeons, who has the need for something like AIM anymore? Therefore, I've decided to share some of these conversations with the four of you who actually read this blog and the countless others who only check back for additional pictures of Kellie Pickler. Wow. Just typing her name gave me a wicked boner.

Sleepo285: by the way, i have a movie question and who better to ask than you...
TyQuiF: naturally
Sleepo285: it's about armageddon, i saw it a long time ago so my memory is hazy... did they train a bunch of oil diggers how to fly a spaceship instead of training some astronauts how to use a drill? or am i forgetting something?
TyQuiF: hahahahahah
TyQuiF: ur correct
Sleepo285: i was afraid of that
TyQuiF: u forgot one thing...
TyQuiF: it was a rag-tag group of misfit drillers... who, of course, were the best in the world
Sleepo285: thank god for the misfit drillers
Sleepo285: if they had been conformists the world would have been doomed
TyQuiF: but hey, remember this gem of a line... "i've been drilling my whole life... it's a science... the reason i'm the best is cuz i work with the best"
TyQuiF: oh keep it coming, Bruce!!
Sleepo285: hahahaha
TyQuiF: they're eccentric ways made them so successful
Sleepo285: the movie would have been so much better if they had beaten out some conformist drillers for the job
TyQuiF: like a competition of Harry Stamper's Drill Team vs. The World Drill Team
TyQuiF: guys assembled from all across the globe with different bits of knowledge about drilling
Sleepo285: that probably could have added another hour to the film
TyQuiF: and tons more Aerosmith songs
Sleepo285: it's interesting that the end of the world and an Aerosmith power ballad go hand in hand
Sleepo285: interesting, but not surprising
TyQuiF: they should have just named the asteroid Steven Tyler
Sleepo285: why didn't they call us when they were writing the script?
TyQuiF: i think decided to call the writer who came up with that animal cracker bit instead
TyQuiF: Ben Affleck's greatest acting moment
Sleepo285: yeah that really put him on the map



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