Sunday, March 08, 2009

A Bad Idea - Day 11

How Is This Even Fair?

So I'm at work, watching an illegally pirated movie online, and this picture you see here is the advertisement attached to the page. And this isn't one of those sites that keeps refreshing and updating its ads every few minutes; oh no, this one was here to stay. Let's be reasonable here. I'm only ten days into this torturous experiment. Am I really expected to endure another month, especially with advertisements like this to tempt/mock/arouse me. I need to relax. It's really not that suggestive. It's just some insanely hot chick with absolutely incredible tits. No big deal. She's just got her hair dyed to that perfect shade of trampy-blonde. She has just enough spray tan on to make you think it might actually be real. She's wearing a really nice, white, whorish dress. She's got her eyebrows plucked to that perfect thinness that make your dick look way bigger when she's tonguing your balls. Her eyes are... oh fuck it, who cares?! Look, TITS! Damn you, America, for knowing exactly what I want. There must have been some around-the-clock market research to discover that tits are what sells. Well played...



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