Tuesday, March 03, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 4

Sleepo285: oh good god... i just looked up and saw a huge fat chick walking towards me and she was reaching into the front pocket of her sweatshirt and pulling out mini donuts and stuffing them in her fat face
Sleepo285: oh god
TyQuiF: hahaha
Sleepo285: i'm not even sure if they're packaged
Sleepo285: or if they're just loose in her pocket
TyQuiF: thats ridiculous
Sleepo285: maybe she has more than just donuts in there, like a grab bag of all her favorite snacks
Sleepo285: and its a surprise each time she reaches in
Sleepo285: mmmm... a donut... mmmm... a pretzel.... mmmmm... a cheesesteak sandwich
TyQuiF: hahahahh
Sleepo285: your only laughing cuz your not here to see how revolting she was
TyQuiF: this is true
Sleepo285: i just pray her bottomless cavern of snacks doesn't run out... lord only knows what that 500 pound monster would do if snack time was over
TyQuiF: i like making light of fat people
Sleepo285: when i do my laundry, sometimes i'll find like a quarter that fell out... do you think she finds like mini donuts in the bottom of her washing machine?
TyQuiF: all soggy in pieces
Sleepo285: and then she cries
Sleepo285: cuz she didn't get a chance to eat it



At 11:36 PM , Blogger Alyson said...

dude, the donuts grow there- like a garden.


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