Friday, February 27, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 3

I've got a lot of these SteveChats waiting in a queue so they'll be coming up frequently in the coming weeks. I'll tell you who won't be coming...

Sleepo285: check this shit out... mms://
Sleepo285: put that in your browser
TyQuiF: ok
Sleepo285: it's a live camera somewhere in africa, its night time right now so it kinda sucks... but its pointed at a watering hole, and during the day there's like lions and giraffes and zebras and all sorts of shit
TyQuiF: this is how u pass ur time?
Sleepo285: its set on night vision right now so the quality sucks... but during the day its tight
TyQuiF: when is day time?
Sleepo285: i think around midnight
TyQuiF: nice
Sleepo285: one time i saw a giraffe and i named him Pongo
TyQuiF: hahahah
TyQuiF: great name, Kyle

[Long pause in conversation]

Sleepo285: there's something in the watering hole
Sleepo285: the lazy african in charge of zooming in must have fallen asleep



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