Thursday, February 26, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 2

TyQuiF: yoooooooo
TyQuiF: c;mon
TyQuiF: talk to me, muthasucka
Sleepo285: you smell like booze
TyQuiF: wanna hear a statistic?
TyQuiF: an entire week... not one night sober
Sleepo285: nice work
Sleepo285: so let's hear your "statistic"
TyQuiF: i thought that was it
TyQuiF: 7 for 7??
TyQuiF: that good?
Sleepo285: that's more of a fraction
Sleepo285: a statistic would be more like "a recent poll showed that Quint Fischer spends 100% of his time drinking"
TyQuiF: that sounds much better actually
Sleepo285: "the study went on to find that Mr. Fischer's popularity is at an all time high, while his standards for sexual intercourse are at an all time low"
TyQuiF: also true



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