Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Important Shit

I just received the following email from a good friend of mine. Don't worry, you can't call him racist because he's brown...

"so i take a morning shit. i enjoy my morning shit. it is a pleasant experience. However, my body interprets morning as about 9:00/9:30 which means i'm already at work. Thats not so bad. The restroom is usually still fresh smelling at that hour. However, last week, a new guy started working on this floor who also take a morning shit around the time I do. I didnt get a look at him until today. That little asian bastard shits mustard gas. Serious, it sometimes make me want to get off the bowl turn around and vomit. What the hell does this viet cong eat...rotten fish sushi? motor oil soy sauce? fried guano? now dont get me wrong. i love asians. I went through a phase of dating only slanty eyes me so horny women...let me tell ya good times, and I enjoy the house fried rice like the next guy. Seriously though....i need to find a new bathroom for my morning shits. This upsets me and my bowels."


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