Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Really Quick

I have a bunch of various posts I'm working on, but I just had to say something really quick...

I can't fucking stand it when absolutely ass-ugly broads who genuinely look like the back of my balls try talking shit about absurdly hot women. There's a mutant here at work who thinks Megan Fox isn't attractive. "Her face just isn't all that good." How can I possibly hold my tongue? Even worse, she said my beloved Kellie Pickler is ugly.

I seriously wanna tell this bitch to look into the back of a rusty spoon. That's the only way she would ever look attractive - distorted and upside down.

I'd rather make out with Jake Tucker...


At 12:24 PM , Blogger The Hurricane said...

I have to agree with your coworker that Megan Fox is not that attractive (in celebrity hotness terms). Specifically, her face is way less impressive than her body. Clearly, she is more attractive than me and 98% of people on this planet, but there is a higher standard by which to judge people who are famous, especially women.

I would rank a lot of other women above Megan Fox in terms of hotness, one of which is Marisa Miller, who I think is pretty much the definition of hot... but I guess it kind of depends on whether you like blonds or brunettes (FYI brunettes are skanks).

At 3:46 PM , Blogger The Hurricane said...

Oh yeah, I would also add Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Rachel Weisz, Famke Janssen, Olivia Wilde, Kristen Bell, Rachel McAdams, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Liv Tyler and Gisele Bundchen to the list of women significantly hotter than Megan Fox.


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