Saturday, July 04, 2009

To Newport!

Normally I condemn shit like Facebook because it's ridiculous and stupid and retarded. It was just my birthday a few days ago and sure, I appreciate a kind-hearted "happy bday" message, but it's annoying as fuck getting them from certain people. In particular, 1) People I haven't spoken to in years, 2) Ugly chicks and 3) Chicks that won't bang. It's irritating is all. Still, once in a while, when perusing through photos and profiles and copious amounts of personal bullshit that no one actually cares about, luck shines it's sparkling butt crack upon you.

Below is a picture of one of my best friends. You may know him as Stevo from the SteveChat installments here. The only caption I could possibly surmise for this picture would be:

This Guy ISN'T Single?!?
And his girlfriend has huge tits.

"This picture will single-handedly ruin the Newport tourism industry." -Stevo


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