Saturday, June 27, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 12

Steve has a version of this on his blog, which he never writes on anymore because he's busy knocking up his girlfriend. But this is "The Napkin Story" in it's original form. I try telling this tale to as many people as possible, but I feel it never matches this rendition...

Sleepo285: i got to act like larry david at dinner tonight, it was awesome... i go to this place on campus thats kinda like a subway type deal, and i'm by myself cuz i went there from work... so i get my food and i sit down at a booth cuz i like the extra room and tables are for bitches... so i take a few bites of my sandwich and all of a sudden some girl is confronting me about the booth... she says she saved it for her and her friends (all ugly)... i said "you did? i dont see anything that says you saved it" ... and she points to a stack of napkins (!) and says "i put the napkins there"... i said "you saved your table with a stack of napkins?" .. at this point i was just amused and i might have actually moved, but her next sentence was "yeah now give us the table"... in a moment of inspiration i said "see this salt shaker? it means its my table... and if you'll look around you'll see that i saved every other one in the whole place" ... she follows this up with "your a dick" and storms off with her fellow trolls to a table (tables are for bitches)



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