Sunday, March 08, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 6

TyQuiF: just wanted to let you know, every time boyko's away message says "gym" it means he's doing push-ups and sit-ups in his room
Sleepo285: serious?
TyQuiF: yep
TyQuiF: slimmer and them told me
Sleepo285: wow
Sleepo285: don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad about sit ups and push ups... especially compared to my routine... but at least say "working out" and leave it ambiguous
TyQuiF: seriously... dont try to fool people into thinking you have a gym membership... its not that important
Sleepo285: one time his message was "at the gym getting thoughs D's"
Sleepo285: thoughs
TyQuiF: oh dont get me started on his spelling
Sleepo285: i was perplexed... he's smart enough to know about the silent gh in the word though... but he adds an s and tries to make it into the word those
TyQuiF: hahahaha
Sleepo285: he really went the extra mile to be stupid there
TyQuiF: oh, and just so you know, whenever my away message says "gym" it really means i'm at the gym... but it also means i'm going to masturbate furiously afterwards
Sleepo285: hahaha
Sleepo285: that probably goes for any away message you put up
TyQuiF: sadly, this is true
TyQuiF: alright man, i am actually going to the gym right now
Sleepo285: alright
Sleepo285: enjoy the after party
TyQuiF: already started
Sleepo285: oh god



At 5:08 PM , Blogger Salil said...

You know, there are some posts you just can't un-read.


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