Saturday, April 18, 2009

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Holy fuck, tonight is slow. Work is moving like the conveyor belt of life. You know, covered in barbed wire, slow and unyielding, hurtling us towards our painful, terrifying end. Or whatever metaphor you prefer. Box of chocolates, riding a bycle, grindstone, etc...

Anyways, Drew told me how to change my settings on this thing so now people can leave comments, even if they don't have a blogger account. With that said, feel free to leave comments at your leisure, condemning or condoning my words. I'd prefer it if you left your name, but commenting annonymously is fine - it just means you're a pussy.

Oh, I just thought of a great metaphor for life!

Life is like banging a transexual. At first, you're excited and eager and loving every minute of it. And then, there's a horrifying realization that everything isn't really what it seems. And finally, when all seems lost, you just submit to it and ask for a blowjob instead.

Oh yeah, get ready to see that bad boy on some bumper stickers...


At 12:55 PM , Blogger Salil said...

Well, this explains a lot about your sex life...and your outlook on life in general.

Hey, you better tell Rob about this; he's a good candidate for the first bumper sticker, although really maybe it should be more like a laminated index-card because it'd be more for him to read than for other people.


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