Sunday, April 12, 2009

SteveChat - Episode 10

If you've never been the Dragon Buffet in Manchester, CT... well, William Wallace would say you never truly lived...

Sleepo285: dude theres something i have to tell you
TyQuiF: ok
Sleepo285: the dragon closed
TyQuiF: yeah right
Sleepo285: i've been having a tough time admitting it to myself
TyQuiF: if this is a joke, it's not funny
TyQuiF: you're fucking lying to me
Sleepo285: hahahahahaha
TyQuiF: god damn it, u always made me think the worst
Sleepo285: oh man i wish i was theremto see the tears streaming down your face
TyQuiF: hahah, fuck you... ya know what, buildings can burn, health codes can be violated, chinese people can be enslaved in america... but the dragon will NEVER close
Sleepo285: we would put together all the money we have, raise whatever else we needed, fix up the place in a montage, and save the dragon
TyQuiF: seriously
TyQuiF: "Save The Dragon" - what a fundraiser that'd be
Sleepo285: everyone in the community would team up to save it, except for the one old grumpy guy who wanted to see us fail, then at the fundraiser headquarters we'd count the money and everyone would be celebrating, but when we were finished counting the money we'd realize we were a thousand dollars short and everyone would get really upset and realize it was all over.. and right when everyone had given up all hope, the old guy would come forward from the back of the room and reveal that he'd been raising money too, and it would put us over the top and save the dragon once and for all
TyQuiF: hahaa... so poetic it's like a haiku
Sleepo285: what a great movie script
Sleepo285: a couple kids try to save their favorite chinese buffet from closing
TyQuiF: call Miramax
Sleepo285: i've got em on the line right now
TyQuiF: aight man, i gotta finish packing
Sleepo285: dont forget your buffet clothes
TyQuiF: baggy sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and my lucky bib
Sleepo285: non-slip shoes and all



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