Saturday, June 26, 2010

Movie Trailer Confounds

Here we have the movie trailer for Easy A, starring Emma Stone and a collection of other young attractive people that apparently all go to the same school...

I have some issues with this movie that I'm going to address in - you guessed it - list format.

1) Thank God Emma Stone has finally gotten a leading role. I've had a thing for this chick since Superbad and now that Kellie Pickler decided to get engaged to some asshole who's trying really hard to look like Sting, I've been looking for a new muse.

Best. WTF. Ever.

2) Regarding Easy A, let's face it, the movie is just another derivative of Can't Buy Me Love, but this time sex is a major focal point. And I can respect that. And least that boner-biter Nick Cannon isn't in this one.

3) I don't like the literary connection to The Scarlett Letter because that book sucked major dick - just like Hester! Ohhhhh snap, Hawthorne, I just fucking roasted your whorish heroine.

4) Holy shit, it's Lowell from Wings!

5) Okay, here's where I get confused: Emma plays Olive, a girl who isn't popular and just kinda blends in or whatever. In the trailer, we're led to believe Marianne (played by Amanda Bynes and her increasingly large nose) is the popular girl. But then later in the trailer, it seems Marianne is an abstinent Bible-humper. Since when are the girls who don't put out the popular ones? Seems counter-intuitive.

6) I guess that's it. And now a picture of Emma Stone eye-fucking the shit out of me...